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The Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) in Southend on Sea aims to ensure the safety and protection of adults within the borough and particularly adults with care and support needs who have care or support needs and who are subsequently less able than others to defend themselves against the threat of abuse, exploitation, or neglect. It achieves this by working with the Police, Health, Social Care and voluntary agencies to ensure that adults, their support agencies and the wider community can raise awareness about abuse; develop a culture that does not tolerate abuse; and to prevent abuse from happening wherever possible.

Where abuse does happen, the Board and their partner agencies are able to support and safeguard the rights of people who are harmed; stop abuse from continuing; and improve the victim’s access to any services they may need, such as advocacy, post-abuse support, or legal services. Recent changes in the law have also greatly increased the scope and reach of the SAB, and further adaptations look certain as Boards and agencies explore their new function.

With the implementation of the Care Act on April 1st 2015, Safeguarding Adults Boards across the country were given statutory powers and responsibilities, helping them to operate in much the same way that Local Safeguarding Children Boards do. The SAB can launch a case review in cases where there is suspicion that abuse or neglect has caused death or serious injury to a adults with care and support needs, and may change their practice, policy, or protocols accordingly, as well as:

    • Consulting with adults with care and support needs and their carers to ensure that the safeguarding process is as efficient as possible.
    • Constantly reviewing Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Procedures to ensure they are up to date.
    • Acting on feedback from Action Groups
    • Ensuring that training carried out across Southend meets the SET Training Strategy.
    • Linking the work of the SAB to the wider crime and disorder reduction work.

The Board must also publish an annual strategic plan, and an annual report detailing how they met their objectives. The LSCB and SAB operate a joint Training Programme which can be downloaded here.

In an emergency
call 999

To report a non-urgent incident or crime to the Police
call 101

If you have concerns about a child, call Southend's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Plus ‘MASH+’ on 01702 215007
Select Option 1 and then either: Option 1 for professional advice; Option 2 for a specific social worker; OR Option 3 for MASH+ administration.

If you have concerns about an adult, call Southend's Access Team
01702 215008 option 1

To report concerns outside of office hours, call Emergency Duty Team
0845 606 1212