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Breck's Last Game film raises awareness of online grooming and is available here

As technology evolves, the internet provides new challenges as well as new opportunities. Rather than blocking, filtering, and avoiding online services for children for fear of potential risks, the Southend Safeguarding (Childrens) Partnership (SSCP) instead works to identify strategies and promote initiatives that can help children avoid online exploitation, abuse or bullying. Issues affecting online safety can be placed in one of four broad categories:

  • Contact, which may be inappropriate or unwelcome, and can include grooming, arranging to meet strangers, or online exploitation.
  • Conduct, which can include cyber-bullying, exposure to material that incites violence or hatred, incitement to dangerous activities, and other online antisocial behaviour.
  • Content, which may include exposure to age-inappropriate or socially unacceptable material and can include images and video uploaded by others or by the user themselves.
  • Commerce, which can include gambling, inappropriate commercial advertising, phishing, identity theft, or other online scams.

The specific risks facing children and young people online can vary according to individual usage, but the Home Office Task Force on Child Protection has identified the following as potential threats:

  • Bullying by peers and people they consider 'friends'
  • Exposure to inappropriate or harmful content
  • Involvement in illegal or inappropriate content
  • Posting personal information that can identify and locate a child/young person offline
  • Sexual grooming, luring, exploitation and abuse through contact with strangers
  • Exposure to information and interaction with others who encourage self-harm
  • Exposure to racist or hate material
  • Glorifying activities such as drug use or excessive drinking
  • Physical harm to young people in making video content, such as enacting and imitating stunts and risk taking activities
  • Leaving and running away from home as a result of contact made online

The SSCP also assists its partner agencies to develop workable eSafety policies for use in their own workplaces, and aims to respond quickly to the changing face of online risk.

You can find further information about eSafety here

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In an emergency
call 999

To report a non-urgent incident or crime to the Police
call 101

If you have concerns about a child, call Southend's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Plus ‘MASH+’ on 01702 215007
Select Option 1 and then either: Option 1 for professional advice; Option 2 for a specific social worker; OR Option 3 for MASH+ administration.

If you have concerns about an adult, call Southend's Access Team
01702 215008 option 1

To report concerns outside of office hours, call Emergency Duty Team on
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