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Inter-Agency Working

Child protection guidance states “everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe… no single professional can have a full picture of a child’s needs and circumstances”. As such, multi-agency working is necessary when assessing a child’s wellbeing or meeting to draw up a child protection plan. Representatives may attend to offer their input about the best kind of care for the child, and those with a professional interest may include:

  • Midwives or health visitors
  • Paediatricians or school nurses
  • Nursery or school staff
  • The police or the probation service
  • Local authority and social care staff
  • NSPCC or other voluntary organisations
  • Professionals representing the needs of the parents
  • Professionals with expert knowledge of the situation

Multi-agency working also has a distinct advantage for safeguarding policy design and day-to-day operations. Most Southend Safeguarding (Childrens) Partnership (SSCP) subgroups will be made up of a range of attendees from agencies such as:

  • Local Authority departments such as social care, public health, housing, youth services and licensing authorities
  • The local NHS, including Clinical Commissioning Groups, and named doctors, nurses, and midwives
  • The police, the Police and Crime Commissioner, British Transport Police, and the UK Border Agency
  • The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS)
  • The Probation Services and Youth Offending Teams
  • Schools, colleges, and local training centres
  • Local voluntary organisations that provide relevant services

Representing various groups in SSCP meetings ensures that the local community is best served by policies that are drawn up following advice from a range of viewpoints. The presence of the various agencies also allows the SSCP to co-ordinate services and ensure the effectiveness of the board members’ policies and procedures.

In an emergency
call 999

To report a non-urgent incident or crime to the Police
call 101

If you have concerns about a child, call Southend's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Plus ‘MASH+’ on 01702 215007
Select Option 1 and then either: Option 1 for professional advice; Option 2 for a specific social worker; OR Option 3 for MASH+ administration.

If you have concerns about an adult, call Southend's Access Team
01702 215008 option 1

To report concerns outside of office hours, call Emergency Duty Team on
0845 606 1212